Film Language Tag: asynchronous sound

1. When the sound intentionally does not match the picture. For example, one sees a group of reporters shouting questions at a celebrity but hears a pack of barking dogs, one hears an actor speaking but sees a different actor responding, or one hears the sounds of unseen automobile traffic. This is an aesthetic choice and does not mean that the sound is out of sync. 2. Sound unintentionally out of sync with the picture. Usually the result of bad sound editing, an improperly prepared composite print, or issues with projection. In the most obvious cases, dialogue will not match the actors’ lip movements. 3. Sound from one scene played over the action from another scene. This includes hearing the sound from the next shot or scene (a sort of foreshadowing or sound advance), from the prior shot or scene (a sort of audio flashback), or a character's recollections from the present during an actual flashback or flash-forward scene. Kroon, R. W. A/V a to z: An encyclopedic dictionary of media, entertainment and other Audiovisual terms. McFarland, 2014.

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